About People Link

People Link Services Cooperative are considered a unique and appropriate medium in the quest for balance between social justice and economic growth. We have economic and social objectives; we are values-driven and community-based; we are people-oriented; we have nationwide coverage; and, we develop people-based linkages.

Our Mission

We perform and deliver services to our clients within agreed service standards. We observe proper business ethics in the conduct and delivery of services to clients at all times. We are driven by unity , harmony and teamwork for the best interest of all the members and its business partners. We imbibe living within one's means, wise spending and modest lifestyle. We believe in giving back to the Lord all the graces and blessings that we have planted and reaped. We commit ourselves to timely and quality work output.

Our Vision

We abide by and respect authorized laws, rules and regulations. We believe in transparency and fair play in all our dealings and transactions. We keep an open mind to change. We keep a flexible and creative stance to address innovations. We inculcate an understanding of basic business principles of profit and loss among member-owners in pursuance of the cooperatives sustained growth.